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How to gain power in Treatment



Today in this age if you pick up any magazine, newspaper, or on the internet you will find a lot of ads claiming extraordinary feats such as “one night and your loved one will be in your feet”  “get rid of your enemy in 3 days”  “online istikhara” “all your problems solved in minutes” and other such claims which have no substance in them. It is indeed sad that people believe such claims and contact these frauds and indulge in acts which are against Shariah. They waste their money and time and yet believe that they are on the right path.


Problems, grief, and harm are a part of life but when people visit these people with fraudulent claims they might solve their problems but in the process, they lose their Iman. These people claim to know amaliyaat but don’t know what amaliyaat is. What are the requirements of amaliyaat?


Amaliyat (عملية) is an Arabic word, it means any work that has a special effect. Amaliyaat is the plural of amaliyah. In Urdu, it is generally referred to doing spiritual treatment using duas from Quran or Hadith or other general duas or words or to write taweez (talismans) to treat problems esp magic (sehr, jadoo) or use it for other problems like wealth problems, health problems, fights between husband wife and other things.


Amaliyaat has a lot of branches under it, for example writing taweez, reading ayats, ilm ul adad (numbers), and others. Basically amaliyaat is a type of science which has come into existence through experience of pious people and others. Amaliyaat is the anti-sehr (jadoo) ilm which consists of noorani ilm or practices far away from shirk and is utilized to fight magic. If amaliyaat goes into the darker side, or if entities other than Allah ta’ala are called upon then amaliyaat becomes Sehr (jadoo).


Amaliyaat starts with giving zakat of ayats or duas. This is the basic block of amaliyaat. Without this there is no power in a person. Zakat means to read a specific ayat or dua specific number of times in a specific number of days with the required conditions. When a amal (ayat or dua) is completed in such a way, the power of that amal is transferred to the Amil (the person doing it) and then the amil can use it to combat sehr or other problems.


This is usually done for a chilla (forty days). For example, surah muzzammil chilla is very famous. The basic chilla is reading Surah Muzammil 40 times for 40 days, same place same time. After completing it the power of Surah Muzzammil comes in control of the amil. He can then use it to combat sehr and jinns. Sometimes after completing he can also gain control over jinns that work for surah muzzammil.


This is an example of how amaliyaat works. There are conditions of amaliyaat which we will discuss inshaAllah in detail on our website. Firdos.org will fulfill your thirst for spirituality and your thirst for amaliyaat and inshaAllah will open all secrets of amaliyaat.