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SPELLS AFFECTING HEALTH  The evil one has the power to cause physical and mental illness. I have already mentioned that the two most commonly affected areas are the head and the stomach. Usually, the sickness is persistent. At times, though, it is transitory, lasting only the length of the exorcism. …

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Black Magic leading to estranged relationships

Black Magic leading to estranged relationships The evil one can cause unrestrained animosities, especially toward those who love us the most. He destroys marriages, breaks up engagements; he fosters screaming fights in families where everyone truly loves one another, and always for futile reasons. The evil one can cause unrestrained …

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Abu Hurairah (RaziAllahanhu) said Prophet (Salallah hu alay he waslam) deputized me to look after the sadaqah Al fitr of Ramadan. Some body came and started taking handfuls of the foodstuff of sadaqah stealthily. I took hold of him and said: ‘By Allah, I will take you to Allah’s Apostle.’ …

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ADVANTAGES AND BENEFITS OF THE MISWAAK  Sharpens the Memory. Hadhrat Ali (Radhiyallahu anhu) said that: “Miswaak sharpens the memory. Sharpens the Intelligence. ·         Four things increase the Intelligence ·         Shunning of nonsensical talks ·         Use of the Miswaak ·         Sitting in the company of the pious, and Sitting in the …

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The Importance Of Miswak In Islam

The Importance Of Miswak In Islam AHADITH RELATING TO USAGE OF THE MISWAAK Hadhrat Abu Ayyub (Rahmatullah alayh) narrates that Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said: “Four things are amongst the practices of the Ambiyaa —Circumcision, Application of perfume, Miswaak and Marriage”. (AHMAD AND TIRMIZI) In fact, the importance of the …

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The Remembrance Of Allah

Remembrance of Allah is one of the greatest acts that will save the person from Satan. Ibn al-Qayyim records the hadith that was related by Abdurahman ibn Samra. He said that the RASOOL ALLAH  صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم went out to them. He stood among them and said, I saw …

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Evil Eye


Allah ta’ala has created the FATE of man even before creating him. This fate is called Qadr or Taqdeer. Everything a man faces in his life is written in it, all the diseases, problems, wealth, health, marriage, where he will go, where he will die everything is written. Nothing can …

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Virtues Of Dua

The Term Dua The term Dua means supplication or humbel request. It is often used as a synonym to SUAL (ASKING) Dua is a major form of expression of man’s relation to ALLAH out side and within the prescribed ritual prayer salah every kind of dua is made to ALLAH …

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