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How shaytaan (devils) deceive people

Sometimes Satan does not approach humans by way of whispering into his soul. Instead, he appears to them in the shape of a human; his voice can be heard but his body cannot be seen. Or he might take on a strange shape. Sometimes the jinn appear in front of humans and inform them that they are jinn. Sometimes they falsely claim to be angels. Sometimes they call themselves .invisible men. while at other times they claim to be from the world of the spirits . Ibn e Taymiah Rahimahullah relates incidents that describe how Shaytaan deceives People . some of the incidents are mentioned below

IBN TAMIYA rahimahullah recorded concerning al-Hallaaj: .He was a magician, and sometimes devils would serve him. He was with some of his companions on Qabis Mountain. They asked him for some sweets. He went off to a place close by and brought a plate of sweets. Later it was determined that those sweets had been stolen from a store in yemen and a devil had carried it to that place.

Ibn Taimiya also mentioned a shaikh who said about himself that he used to commit adultery and sodomize boys. He said, .A black dog with two white spots between his eyes would say to me, .So and so will come to you about an oath he made by you and I have fulfilled his need on your behalf.. Then the person would come with that oath and that disbelieving shaykh would already tell him about it. And ibn Taimiya mentioned from the same man, .If anyone desired me to change anything, like glue, then i would speak until I lost my senses and then I would find the glue in my hand or my mouth and not know who put it there.. And he said, .When I walked at night, I would have a black staff with a light in front of me.. Ibn Taimiya rahimaullah said, .When that shaikh repented and started to pray, fast and avoid the forbidden acts, the black dog left him. And the alterations stopped and he could not produce glue or anything else.

Ibn Taimiya rahimaullah mentions another person who was busy in acquiring knowledge. The devils came to him to deceive him. They said to him, .We have made the prayer no longer obligatory on you. And we will bring you whatever you need.. Then they would bring him sweets or fruits. This continued until he met a true scholar of the sunnah and asked him to repent Then he paid the owners of the sweets for the sweets he had eaten while being tempted by the devils..

In Majmu al-Fatawa, ibn Taimiya rahimaullah explained some of the ways of the devils in tempting people. He wrote, I know some people whom the plants would talk to and tell them of their beneficial ingredients. Actually, Satan who had entered the plant was the one talking. And I know people to whom the bushes and rocks would say, “Welcome, o devoted servant of Allah.” If they read “The Verse of the Throne” ( al-Baqarah 255) all of that would stop. I know of some people who go bird hunting and the sparrows and others say to them, “Take me so the poor can eat me A Satan had entered the bird and spoken in the same way he enters humans and speaks from them. And some people are in their houses with the doors locked and see themselves outside while they did not open the door and vice-versa. Similar is the case with the city gates. Jinn take them in and out of them quickly. Lights will shine for them. Or a person who he was seeking would appear while actually it was Satan appearing like his friend. If they recite “The Verse of the Throne” over and over, all of that stops.

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