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Story Of A Women

It was narrated that Aa’ishah (Radi Allah Anhua) said : A fews days after the death of The Messenger of Allah (May Allah be pleased with him), a women came to meet the Prophet Muhammad (May Allah be pleased with him) and ask him questions related to magic which she had no knowledge of, after she found out that Prophet Muhammad (May Allah be pleased with him) passed away she wept so much that I started to feel pity for her. The women said that she is in fear that she has been involved in a destruction, So I asked her the full incident, She started to tell me; that her husband had left her and went far away, later a old women came to Her and she told her, her condition, the old women said ; if you do as I tell you to, your husband will return to you, the women said; I will. When it became night in the dark the old women came to me with TWO dogs, on ONE of them she was riding and on the other I was, the dogs weren’t too fast so we walked till we reached the city and stopped their, over there were TWO men who were hanging in the air with their feet, they said; what do want and with what intention have you come here. I said; that I have come here to learn magic and they replied indeed we are a test, do not commit kufr (Disbelieving in Allah and his Messenger) and go back to where you came from, I said them no I won’t go, they asked me to go to the bakery and urinate (Pee) over there, when I reached there I became scared and couldn’t urinate (Pee) and went back to them without urinating. They asked me; Did you urinate? I replied; Yes, I did. They asked; Did you see anything after urinating? I replied; No. they said you didn’t urinate, so go back to your country and do not fall into Kufr (disbelieving in Allah and his messenger), I said NO, they said me again to go to the bakery and urinate there, I reached there and again got scared and couldn’t urinate. I went back to them and again they asked ; What did you see? and I went for the third time to the bakery and this time I urinated, I saw; A rider on a horse got out of my body and went riding towards the sky and then I went and told the TWO men about what I saw. They replied; what you have just said is true, this was your Iman (Belief) which has fled and left you, now you can go back to where you came from. Aa’ishah (Radi Allah Anhuma) said the women; I swear by Allah i do not know anything of such matters and did they tell you anything other than this? The women said Yes. Indeed , the TWO men said whatever She wants will happened, they gave her these seeds to plant in the ground, when she would say; the plant to grow, it would grow. Then she would say the crops to be cut, the crops would be cut. Then She would say it to become flour, it would become flour and when She would say flatbread (Roti) to be made, the flatbread (roti) would be made. When she saw that I was still quite so she would fall in-front of me out of embarrassment and say ; O Mother of the Believers, I haven’t done anything but this, I have asked everyone and they also didn’t know knowledge of such matter and didn’t know what to say, They feared to give a Ruling (fatwa) on such matter, they only said that if your parents are Alive then they are enough for you      ..    ( مستدرک  صحیحین )