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Sword Against Evil Eye

Islamic prayer formula that helps ward off the evil eyes was related by Abu’ Abdullah Al- Tayya’hi he was once traveling from hajj or jihad using a good animal. There was a man in the caravan who would never look at something but would bring it to its demise.

Abu’ Abdullah was then told, ‘preserve your camel from this mans eye.’ He said, ‘My camel cannot be touched by harm.’ The person who touched with the evil eye was informed of Abu’ Abdullah response and he waited for a chance when Abu’ Abdullah was not present and looked at the camel which fell on its feet!
When Abu’ Abdullah came and was told that the person had touched it with evil eye and that his camel was suffering, as was evident, he said ‘Show me the man.’ When he came by him he said,

‘In the Name of Allah a restraint that restrains, a hard rock and a blazing star: I ask that the evil eye returns to the person who started it and on the most dear people to him (meaning the envious person himself) .Then look again: “can you see any rifts?” Then look again and her again, your sights will return to you in a state of humiliation and worn out.” (67:3-4)Then return [your] vision twice again. [Your] vision will return to you humbled while it is fatigued.

Then, the person know for the evil eye lost his sight and the camel was cured*..

Tibb an-Nabawi (Prophetic Medicine) page 214