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Spell Affecting Provision

Spell affecting Provision and wealth Impossibility to find work even when it seems that the job offer certain – for improbable, even absurd motives. The victim may have finally found a job but leaves if for no apparent reason and then searches for another job, but either does not go …

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Treatment Of Magic

Treatment Of Black Magic ( witchcraft) There are numerous methods  for  treating  black magic ( jadoo witchcraft) We will explain some of the methods below inshaAllah and then will discuss more ways in detail in other posts. A patient should avoid all things mentioned below The patient  must not take …

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Virtues Of Dua

The Term Dua The term Dua means supplication or humbel request. It is often used as a synonym to SUAL (ASKING) Dua is a major form of expression of man’s relation to ALLAH out side and within the prescribed ritual prayer salah every kind of dua is made to ALLAH …

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What is Spirituality

What is spirituality? What is spirituality? What is it’s relation to religion? What are its boundaries in Islam? Spirituality exists only in Islam or is it found in other religions too? Do other religions encourage spirituality or not? All these questions and related questions arise in the minds people but …

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