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Abu Hurairah (RaziAllahanhu) said Prophet (Salallah hu alay he waslam) deputized me to look after the sadaqah Al fitr of Ramadan. Some body came and started taking handfuls of the foodstuff of sadaqah stealthily. I took hold of him and said: ‘By Allah, I will take you to Allah’s Apostle.’ …

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A Powerful Amal For Removing Ain (Evil-Eye) in 2 Days

Whoever is struck by nazr (evil eye) and Jealousy and he has tried many amals but failed again and again. InshaAllah this amal will prove to be very powerful for him with the permission of Allah. The below amal should be followed to the letter for 2 days only. InshaAllah …

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Evil Eye


Allah ta’ala has created the FATE of man even before creating him. This fate is called Qadr or Taqdeer. Everything a man faces in his life is written in it, all the diseases, problems, wealth, health, marriage, where he will go, where he will die everything is written. Nothing can …

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Treatment Of Magic

Treatment Of Black Magic ( witchcraft) There are numerous methods  for  treating  black magic ( jadoo witchcraft) We will explain some of the methods below inshaAllah and then will discuss more ways in detail in other posts. A patient should avoid all things mentioned below The patient  must not take …

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What is Surah Baqarah?

People are unaware of the virtues and the benefits of Surah Baqarah and they take it very lightly. If people knew what Surah Baqarah can do for them in this world and the next world, they will never let it go from their lives. The prophet صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم …

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What is Spirituality

What is spirituality? What is spirituality? What is it’s relation to religion? What are its boundaries in Islam? Spirituality exists only in Islam or is it found in other religions too? Do other religions encourage spirituality or not? All these questions and related questions arise in the minds people but …

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Learn ways to save yourself from evil eye

Nrrated by Abdul Razzaq          العين حق و لو كان شى سابق القدر لسبقته العين و اذا استغسل احدكم فليغتسله ووصله صيحح The evil eye is true, and if there is anything that precedes Predestination, it would be the evil eye. When one is touched by the …

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