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Treatment Of Black Magic ( witchcraft)

There are numerous methods  for  treating  black magic ( jadoo witchcraft) We will explain some of the methods below inshaAllah and then will discuss more ways in detail in other posts.

A patient should avoid all things mentioned below

The patient  must not take medicine to reduce anxiety during   the course of treatment .

Avoid committing   sins such as watching movies listening to music   and by removing all the pictures of living  beings  from home like humans and animals

Methods for treatment

  • Recite surah al baqrah three times daily .  Blow on water and drink  regularly from it
  • Recite surah falq and naas frequently
  • Recite surah fatiha  AYTAL KURSI surah falq and naas 7 times blow on water  take bath with it repeat  three times in a day
  • 3) surah fatiha with the intention of curing yourself from magic 123 times a day
  • ayat al kursi 313 times a day
  • Recite astagfaar 3125 daily
  • Listen ruqya for atleast 6 hours in a day

Choose any   method  mentioned  above

Patients must sit and recite . Stop all the works while reciting ruqya

The pain may increase during the first few days, but then would abate gradually, By the end of the month, the pain should have gone, Recite the ruqya  until you got cured