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Virtues Of Dua

The Term Dua

The term Dua means supplication or humbel request. It is often used as a synonym to SUAL (ASKING) Dua is a major form of expression of man’s relation to ALLAH out side and within the prescribed ritual prayer salah every kind of dua is made to ALLAH as he has said in quran

And if my servants ask you about me say (O MUHMMAD  صلی الله علیہ وسلم  i am near i respond to the supplicant the moment he calls. then they should obey my commands and beleive in me so that they may get the way .. (2:186)

supplicate to me and i will answer your supplication for health wealth forgiveness of sins salvtion in the hereafter happiness and well being in this life and so forth. For each of these occasions numerous are collected from among the hadith
The prophet  صلی الله علیہ وسلم  said dua is the marrow of worship

Prophet MUHAMMAD صلی الله علیہ وسلم  has said one of these three things never fails to come to a man from supplication either a sin forgiven him or somehing good hurriedly comes to him or something good is stored up for him (Tirmidi)
therefore even if ALLAH apparently does not respond to a man s dua or if the result is different from what he expected it does not matter at all ALLAH knows best what is good for him IT may be man s expection that may be wrong ..
so when his dua is fulfilled he thanks ALLAH when it is not fulfilled either soon or as expected he also praises him saying praise to be ALLAH under all conditions

he has no right to complaine about the outcome of dua saying i have supplicated but i have not been answered yet there may be benefit in delay furthmore suppilcation is worship and submission and impatience and irration are in contradiction to them it must be borne clearly in mind that ALLAH delays are not ALLAH s denials.

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